We Have Hired Ethicists!

Update: the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University is sponsoring two student ethicists  to help us make sure that we are making the best ethical decisions that we can! Their names are Allie and Missy, and they are both extremely excited to offer their insight to help make our house the best that it can be! Check out their bios:

“Hello! My name is Allie Sibole, and I am excited to be working as an ethicist on the Solar Decathlon team. I am currently a junior pursuing a major in bioengineering and a minor in mechanical engineering, but despite my technical background, I have always been interested in the human dimension behind engineering problems. There are so many social and moral issues that accompany advancements in innovation, and I look forward to taking an in-depth look at the ethical principles behind the decisions made by the Solar Decathlon team. In my role, I will be doing a great deal of research to ensure that the materials we use are environmentally sustainable, that our sponsors uphold fair business practices, and that the decisions we make reflect the values of our Jesuit university. My goal is to convey our commitment to sustainability and social justice to all who enter the Radiant house. I will use this blog to keep you updated on the progress of my project, so be sure to check back regularly!”


“Hello Solar Decathlon followers!  My name is Missy Giorgi, and I’m one of our latest team additions in one of the latest team positions: an ethical adviser and community outreach coordinator.  As a senior with a diverse liberal arts background in sociology and environmental studies, plus Spanish and Latin American studies, I will be helping the team to more deeply invest in creating an inclusive and “on-the-ground” sustainability approach — one that builds and sustains communities, as well as housing.  My goal is to bring the Jesuit sense of service to others and whole-person education into the Decathlon by customizing programs for local schools and community centers.  This way, we can share our enthusiasm for higher education, innovation, and environmental stewardship with everyone.  Sustainability isn’t about privilege, but about working together; so Santa Clara is going to work together with all of our local community to create an infectious culture of learning and excelling!
I’m so excited to be part of the team, and I can’t wait to get out there and starting working with groups all around Santa Clara and San Jose.  If you would like our Solar Decathlon team to make a connection with a school, team, community center, or other organization where people come together, please contact me at missygiorgi@gmail.com!  We are happy to present ourselves to any area of the Bay, as well as older and younger folks.  Let’s all get involved!”


Thank you ladies, and welcome to the team!


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